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On-Going Monthly Scheduled Sessions/Tuition/Schedule

Students may sign up for On-Going Monthly Scheduled Sessions, which are defined as same time and day each week for a minimum of 3 months. Our monthly clients have tutor preference/priority over Drop-In students. Sessions are one hour in length and semi-private (usually up to 3 students per tutor). For students who need help with academic concepts, this is our most successful program.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Students may cancel a session with 24 HOURS NOTICE and reschedule at no additional charge. Any rescheduled sessions must be completed within 30 days of the cancelled session and may be used only if the student is then currently scheduled as a monthly student and is current with all payments. Make-ups may not be used during additional Finals Review Sessions. If a student does not show up for a session without cancelling at least 24 hours ahead of their scheduled time, the student will be not receive a make-up for that session. Another appointment may be scheduled, but will be charged at the Drop-In rate of $48 for a semi-private or $65 for a private session. 

Our tutors are scheduled and paid based on the student’s monthly commitments and, as a result, SEC is able to offer the preferred pricing for Monthly Scheduled Sessions. When a student does not show or give proper notice, SEC is unable to fill that slot in the tutors schedule and is still obligated to pay them accordingly. Tuition remains the same each month whether it is a 5 week month or a shortened month due to holidays. If the student is not able to commit to the Monthly Scheduled Sessions, SEC does offer the Drop-In Program described below.

SEC’s first semester ends Dec. 18th. SEC’s second semester ends May 21th. SEC will be closed Sept. 1st, Nov. 26 - Nov 30th, Dec.19th – Jan 4th, February 16th, and May 25th. Hours of operation include Monday through Thursday, 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Tuition is not pro-rated, refunded, or credited for missed classes or holidays. Summer hours start May 26th, 2015. SEC will be closed in the summer June 29th – July 4th. See Drop-In Pricing for Summer Pricing. SEC’s school year tuition rates for On-Going Monthly Scheduled Sessions are:

  • One semi-private session per week - $155 per Month

  • Two semi-private sessions per week - $299 per Month

  • Three semi-private sessions per week - $445 per Month

Private and Close-Out (2 student maximum) sessions may be scheduled depending on tutor availability at a rate of $65 per hour for Private and $55 per hour for Close-Out. Privates and Close-outs must be purchased in packages of 4 for a total price of $260 and $220 respectively. Cancellations for Private and Close-Outs require 48 hours’ notice as a consideration for the tutor’s schedules.


The policies described herein are required to preserve the quality of service at SEC. SEC does not guarantee an improvement in grades. By clicking this button, you agree to the terms of SEC’s Registration and Policy Agreement and affirm that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by these terms.

Drop-In Program
Students may drop-in on a space available basis. Drop-Ins may be purchased in packages with payment due at time of the first session and expire August 8, 2015. Drop-In session package fees are:

- Four Session Package - $180
- Eight Session Package - $340
- Twelve Session Package - $495

Single Drop-Ins are available at $48 per session.
If a student does not show up for a session without cancelling at least 24 hours ahead of their scheduled time, the student will be not receive a make-up for that session. Another appointment may be scheduled, but will be charged at the Drop-In rate of $48.

Online Private Tutoring
$65 per hour. Must be scheduled in advance. Discounts may be available if multiple private hours are scheduled per week.

Homework Support
SEC’s Homework Support Program is designed for students who need on-going help with daily study skills, organization, planning, motivation and timely assignment completion. It is not subject tutoring but rather, guided and focused study time monitored by an experienced educator. Should it be determined that the student requires specific subject tutoring in addition to homework support, parents will be notified to schedule tutoring accordingly. Our homework support program is most successful with students whose grades may be suffering due to missing assignments. This program can also be augmented with either our Drop-In or On-Going monthly tutoring sessions.

$25 per hour (minimum $200 per month includes 2 hours per week) scheduled in advance

Diagnostic Testing / College Coaching Diagnostic testing and assessments are available for Study Skills Improvement, National/Arizona Grade Level Assessment, SAT/ACT test preparation, AIMS, GED. Prices include the one hour assessment and post assessment consultation. All levels of college coaching are available with a plan of action determined after an initial consultation.

  • Study Skills Diagnostic and Consultation - $50, approximately 1 hour including consultation

  • Nationalized Grade Level Assessment - $50 per subject, 1 hour test & 1 hour consult

  • Subject Specific Assessment - $50, approximately 1 hour 30 min. & consultation 

  • SAT/ACT/GED Diagnostic and Consultation - $50 each, approximately 4 hours and consultation

  • College Coaching - $85 per hour

  • BYU, Accuplacer, etc. Test Proctor Fee - $15 per test

HSPT Private High School Entrance Exam - $100, can be used as a credit for additional services.

Scottsdale Education Center Classes

  • Getting Ready to Succeed in High School - $249 

  • SAT Class – Math and Reading/Writing - $495 (4 weeks) + $40 Registration Fee if not otherwise paid

  • ACT Class – English, Reading, Math, Science - $495 (4 weeks) + $40 Registration Fee if not paid

  • HSPT Private High School Entrance Exam - $295

Additional Services
Online High School Support with Academic Coaching - $295 per month
SUSD Community Enrichment Program Class - pricing varies based on location, grade level & class.

Payment Agreement

I request the privilege of making payments to Scottsdale Education Center, Inc. under the company’s pre-authorized payment plan, and hereby request the company to withdraw said funds via electronic fund transfer. (This is the recommended, most popular payment method.)

  • Items to be drawn on or about the first of each month. 

  • Your debit or credit card statement will constitute a receipt.

  • A service charge of $25 will be charged for insufficient funds.

I will be paying by check/cash every month prior to services rendered. I understand that if I do not pay by the 7th of each month, the amount due on my account will be deducted from the credit card provided at payment.


Should a client be dissatisfied with a service provided by Scottsdale Education Center, a full refund or service replacement will be considered assuming displeasure is reported within 24 hours of the hourly service. SEC does not guarantee results but is committed to providing the highest quality level of service to our students.   

Upon approval of your account, services will be delivered at the date enrolled.