Summer Offerings

How to Succeed In High School

All Incoming Freshman & 10th Graders

“A must class for any incoming high school freshman.” Consistently one of SEC’s highest rated summer offerings.

Pre-Algebra Review Course

We will help build the foundation for success in a fun and interactive way to make summer learning more enjoyable for the student!  There will even be an Escape Room activity to keep students engaged!

5th – 6th Grade Math Workshop

In this fun and interactive workshop, students will get foundational reinforcement for key concepts learned in 5th grade.  We use themed topics like baseball and spy games to teach crucial math concepts making the workshop fun and memorable.

Algebra 1 Review Course

This program will review the basic skills and problem solving strategies to work through many types of mathematical problems using critical thinking skills.  Topics include basic operations, modeling, algebraic properties, funtions, expressions & inequalities, polynomials, factoring, exponents, radicals, linear exponential funtions and word problems.



This, by invitation only, class is designed for students looking to achieve National Merit status.  90% of class attendees scored in the 99th percentile.  Attending class and learning about the components of the PSAT will allow students to become more comfortable and more confident thus increasing their scoring potential.

Reading and Writing Workshop

9th, 10th, 11th and 12th GradeRS

Designed for students who have not historically been readers and need to improve their overall reading comprehension and writing skills to improve classwork quality and college preparation results.

High School Placement Test

Any Student’s Wanting to Attend Private Catholic High School

This class is designed to prepare your student for the HSPT for admissions to a private Catholic high school.

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