Study Skills

How to Get Great Grades

Students will learn the process of studying, effective use of a daily planner, note taking based on their learning style, memorization techniques, research techniques and preparing for tests.

Would You Answer “Yes” to any of these questions


Does your child struggle in school?


Not living up to his or her potential?


Not turning in their work or not doing well on tests?


Spending no time or too much time doing homework?


Are you constantly fighting with your student to get them to do school work?


Are they embracing the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome?

If you answered yes to any of these questions YOUR STUDENT NEEDS THIS COURSE. They will learn the process of studying: Effective use of a Daily Planner; Taking Notes based on their Learning Style; Memorization Techniques; Research Techniques; and Prepping for Tests … And, how to be very efficient with their time. Your student will be asked to commit to a contract and determine the 7 things they will do differently to ensure success. This course provides focused, practical executive functioning and life skill lessons with proven results with over 1,000 students.

We start with a FREE assessment consultation where we review academic history, current study habits, study environment, attitude toward school, extracurricular activities, and academic goals (i.e. do you want to go to college, what do you want to study, where do you want to go?) If there is a mismatch with current performance and needed results we highlight the gap. We discuss use of the planner as one of the key tools to daily efficiency. We discuss the need to read and “do stuff” that helps them be better students. We ask them to take a daily log to see in black and white how much time is wasted vs. how much time is productive, each and every day. And, finally, we ask them to make a goal for the current academic year to help them close the gap and exceed their goals.

All the study skills in the world will not help anyone unless they understand the consequences of their current study habits and decide to stop the roller coaster and get help and truly put in the work required to get the grades they are capable of getting. The consultation is designed to help students understand where they are vs. where they need to be and the Study Skills course will teach them how to get there.


4 one-hour semi-private tutoring sessions on a personalized schedule, twice a week for two-weeks, so the students can apply what they are being taught to their academic life. The class covers:

  • Effective use of a Daily Planner
  • Taking Notes based on the Student’s Learning Style
  • Memorization and Research Techniques
  • Prepping for Tests

Many students will continue with regularly scheduled homework support or subject tutoring. Within the homework support program, we will check a student’s grades and homework each session and send weekly reports to parents. In other words, we just taught your student how to fish, and now we are going to make sure they are fishing. It takes time to instill great study habits such that they are engrained in a student’s daily routine.


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