Just got ACT or SAT scores from your High School’s Testing Event and need help understanding what they mean?  SEC can help.

FREE 30-minute consultation to help parents and students understand what the scores from recent ACT or SAT testing events mean.  We can compare ACT and PSAT and SAT scores to help you decide which test is the best one for your student to pursue for college placement and scholarship maximization.  We have already reviewed hundreds of results this year from February tests held on Chaparral, NDP and DMHS campuses.  Would love to help you decipher your results and maximize results and confidence for your student. 

The tests and the percentage of students taking each test is very different than it was when parents were taking the SAT and ACT for college placement.  No more analogies or penalty for guessing on the SAT.  More students in the US have taken the ACT than the SAT for college placement for over the past 7 years. VERY different from twenty-five plus years ago.  The two tests are very different and test very different skills.  One test is better for students with strong analytic skills who are comfortable in the world of “black and white”.   The other tests critical thinking skills and is better for students comfortable answering questions that may be “in the gray.” 

One requires students to complete over one third of the math test section without using their calculator.  One requires that the student answers about 22% of the math questions by calculating the answer on their own…..no multiple choice option.  Both require math knowledge through Algebra 2 (Algebra 3-4 for PVUSD students) with one having approximately 3 of 60 questions that deal with Trigonometry.  One math test has significantly more Geometry concepts than the other.  Surprisingly, 50% of one test score is driven by the math score, while only 25% of the other test is driven by the math score.  

One test has approximately 25% more reading questions.  One test has a science section.  One test is time sensitive.  One test has 30% more English grammar and Editing questions.  One test has charts and graphs embedded in the Reading section; the other does not.   

 Lots of things to consider when analyzing results.   Timing issues may be easier to fix for some students than trying to increase critical thinking ability.  Math scores can be greatly affected by the level of math that a student is currently taking.  For some students the math level on the test could be very old and for others it could be concepts that they have not yet learned in school. 

 Eleven years of reviewing tests with students and families help greatly in helping students determine the best test for them beyond just percentages, statistics, and percentiles.  Rather than just looking at national percentages, we can individualize the recommendations dependent on a student’s strengths and weaknesses and the likelihood that they can improve their scores with preparation and practice. 

Call SEC.  We can help create a test taking plan and ensure your student is taking the test best designed to help them get into college.  

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