College Coaching

College Entrance and Preparation Coaching

Have you decided where you are going to college? Have you created a wish list of schools? Do you know what kind of student the colleges may be looking for? Do you know the requirements to get in? Do you know how to apply? Can you tell your story in a compelling way?



Scottsdale Education Center’s College Coach is Kim Duckworth. Kim specializes in the application process including resume development, application essay writing and question selection, the common application, college research, timeline development, letters of recommendation, in-state admissions, standardized testing review (ACT vs. SAT), the interview, and overall application review and student packaging. Kim has helped students gain admission to all major Arizona schools as well as Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Brown, USC, George Washington, Loyola, SMU, Georgetown, Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount, Chicago, Duke, Cal Berkeley, Michigan, UCLA, SDSU, MIT, Penn State, West Point, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, plus many more.

Who Should Sign Up

Depending on your goals and aspirations, if you do not have answers to these questions and have not positioned your grades, subject knowledge, and outside activities to gain acceptance, you need help. Scottsdale Education Center has all of the resources needed to prepare for acceptance to your wish list of colleges and give you the best possible opportunity for success.:

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