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(High School, Middle School, Elementary)

Students at all levels will benefit from improved study and time management skills. The tutoring program offered at Scottsdale Education Center enables students of all ages to develop personal study and time management skills that work best for their individual learning styles and academic needs. In addition, students learn to work productively within the busy time schedules and constraints of today's family.

Areas of attention include:

  • Organization and time management - Effective Use of a Planner

  • Note-taking skills

  • Test preparation strategies

  • Reading comprehension

  • Study strategies, and test-taking skills

The study skills curriculum taught at Scottsdale Education Center will initially focus on the organizational skills of the individual student. Traditional and proven plans will then be implemented according to areas in which the student requires focus. When students feel organized and able to plan their study time, a sense of self-confidence and success can be seen in all other areas, both academic and social. Former anxieties and frustrations are replaced by a positive sense of motivation and success.