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Social Studies Tutoring


The humanities and social sciences require much more than simply memorizing who, what, when, and where in history. Humanities courses explore the “why.” Students have to understand historical and social information in context across global cultures and varying timelines. SEC tutors can help students with the ability to identify pertinent evidence, make insightful interpretations, and argue persuasively on homework and in preparation for tests.


From the basics of the American Revolution to constructing AP level essays and prepping for SAT Subject Tests, SEC Tutors have vast knowledge in U.S. History and key concepts including:

  • The American Revolution

  • The Origins of the Constitution

  • Manifest Destiny

  • Civil War and Reconstruction

  • World War I and II

  • The Great Depression

  • The Cold War

  • Civil Rights


World History is the study of all different cultures, and therefore there is a lot to remember and understand. There are different people, places and environments to keep straight among varying timelines. SEC tutors can help with the key concepts from an intro level to AP and SAT Subject Tests:

  • Nationalism

  • Revolution

  • Growth of Western Democracies

  • High Middle Ages

  • Ancient Greece

  • Ancient Rome


Economics is one of the more difficult subjects a student can face in high school, but it can also be one of the most important to fully comprehend. SEC tutors are versed in Intro Economics, AP Economics, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics to help students develop an economic understanding post-graduation.


Government and Politics covers basic government history, political processes and behavior, the role of mass media in politics, and how to interpret data and provide critical analysis. SEC tutors can help you prepare for your AP U.S. Government and Politics or AP Comparative Government and Politics tests as well as homework for individual political science courses that can range from memorization of historical facts to long, complex essays.


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