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SEC offers the class curriculum in the form of personalized tutoring sessions. Visit us at Scottsdale Education Center for diagnostic tests and to get a testing plan in place!


    90% of class attendees who prepared for the PSAT with SEC scored in the 99th per-centile. This three hour long test covers evidence based Reading, Writing and Language, Math with a calculator AND Math without a calculator. The Reading section is elevated with a much stronger non-fiction base than we have ever seen before. Non fiction passages have a strong current natural science or current social science platform. Reading passages may include charts and graphs. Besides having the section where no calculator is allowed, there are also many more word problems in Math than previous versions of the test. High end, fast paced class.

    WHY/RESULTS: Learning the strategies and content of the PSAT will allow students to become more confident. This can increase their scoring potential. All of the sections on the test focus on Common Core skills. Gain confidence and start to prepare early for National Merit po-tential. Learn the strategies and techniques necessary to ‘ACE’ this test.

    WHO: It is highly recommended that sophomores as well as Juniors take this test this year to get a baseline on how they might do next year. However, Na-tional Merit scores are only valid during the Junior year. SEC has a free three hour diagnostic test for the PSAT. The Official PSAT testing dates are mid-October. Admission to class by invitation ONLY based on PSAT diagnos-tic test scores.

    $395 + $50 Books//Materials + $40 Annual Registration (unless already paid)

    • Optional: 3 Full Practice Tests – Proctored, scored, analyzed with a separate results review consultation – No Charge

    • Optional: PSAT semi-private and private tutoring is also available. Designed for students who are not able to make the schedule class sessions or who need a more personalized service. Call for pricing and to schedule – 480 538-0828  


    • SUMMER 2019: July 22nd - 25th (Mon. - Thur) 1PM to 4PM
    • FALL 2019: September 21st, 28th and October 5th (All 3 Saturdays) 9AM to 1PM

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    • Base Price: $395.00 + Options
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