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SEC Classes

SEC offers the class curriculum in the form of personalized tutoring sessions. Visit us at Scottsdale Education Center for diagnostic tests and to get a testing plan in place!


    16 hrs - Designed for students who are not able to make the scheduled class sessions or who need a more personalized Service. Depending on the results of the initial Full Practice Test, 16 hours of semi-private prep is typically recommended. But, the number of hours can be modified depending on the student’s need or the gap between their initial practice test result and the goal score. 8 and 12 hour packages are available. *Note you must schedule these hours directly with Scottsdale Education Center. Please call SEC to schedule.


    • Optional: Essay Session: $50
      1hr - Will focus specifically on the ACT writing prompt structure. Students will learn how to plan, “attack” the prompt, and what will be in an ACT essay writing section.

    • Optional: Reading/Writing Program: $340
      8hrs - Designed for students who have not historically been readers or who scored below 22 on any practice or official ACT Reading section or 510 on SAT Reading/Writing & Language section. This program is designed to boost overall reading/writing skills and improve classwork quality and college preparation results. Writing will focus on thesis development, concise pointed writing, analysis of texts and persuasive writing prompts. Reading will focus on annotation skills, reading comprehension and short answer questions with evidence using text and timed critical reading samples. Students will incorporate current assigned reading into sessions as well.

    • Optional: 3 Full Practice Tests: No Charge
      4hrs Each - Proctored, scored, analyzed with a separate results review consultation. Optional, but highly recommended to optimize results. Price: No Charge


    Testing Date: Sat., June 8th, 2019
    Class Dates: May 28th - June 6th, 2019
    Weekdays: Tuesday thru Friday (1st Week); Monday thru Thursday (2nd Week) from 1 PM - 3 PM
    Additional Details: 2 Weeks

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    • Base Price: $640 + $50 for B&M + Options
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