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If your student is taking an online class it is very important to monitor their percentage completion levels. Students who are not successful with online classes usually have difficulty with completing the course on time rather than difficulty with the curriculum. SEC has helped many students create successful plans and helped monitor them through the time constraints as well as helped with items where students did need tutoring. Students that do best with online classes have strong organization skills, and are highly self motivated and disciplined. If this does not sound like your student, you might want to ensure a successful experience by signing up for some tutoring or support time.

  • Positive, Vibrant Creative Academic Environment

  • 35 Tutors on staff, 1200 Students annually

  • 7 years successful online middle school and high school support, 15 years in business

  • Program Director oversees student plan, progress, attendance.

  • Program Hours - 10:00AM to 3:00PM Monday through Thursday

  • Center Hours - 10:00AM to 9:00PM Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM to 3:00PM Saturday

  • Tutors and Services Available - College Coaching and planning, Math, Science, English, Spanish, History, Business, Study Skills, SAT/ACT Prep

Online Class Support (Grade Replacement)

SEC offers tutoring for high school or college credit through accredited Online schools, both local and nationwide. These can be used to help replace or fulfill Course requirements in most public and private schools. Flexible alternative to summer school.

Scottsdale Education Center is a certified proctoring location for over 190 high school correspondence courses that are accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS) and Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and over 50 high school correspondence courses accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement as well as the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation.

Correspondence Courses

Credits earned through correspondence courses to meet graduation requirements shall be taken from an accredited institution as defined in R7-2-601. Credits earned thereby shall be limited to four (4), and only one credit may be earned in each of the following subject areas:

  • English as described in

  • subsection (1)(a) of this rule

  • Social Studies

  • Mathematics

  • Science

To receive a diploma from a Scottsdale Unified School District high school, a student must be enrolled at the SUSD home campus for at least four classes during the semester in which the student plans to graduate.

Correspondence exams must be proctored by approved personnel, which may include home school staff. Students must receive prior approval from an administrator or his or her designee to receive credit for any correspondence course.

Repeat of a Course for Grade Improvement

A course may be repeated for remediation of an "F" or to better a poor grade. A student who fails a required course must repeat it until it is passed successfully. The credit for that course resides with the better grade, and only the better grade is computed into the GPA. The course repeated remains on the transcript, but the credit column will show "R". Only courses designated as repeat courses may be counted toward graduation more than once.

It should be noted that Honors courses differ from regular-track courses to the extent that one cannot replace the other. If a student has obtained credit in two courses in the same subject, one in the regular track and one with an Honors grade weight, the student will receive credit for both courses, and both grades will be computed into the grade point average. Only one of the courses can be used to satisfy a graduation credit (e.g., Biology I and Biology I H would not count as two lab sciences). The second course would count as an elective course.


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